Lara Ala-Olla

Alkoholiton Kioski

As part of the continuous development of responsible service, Alko wanted to promote a healthier drinking culture through non-alcoholic alternatives to alcoholic beverages. However, few knew about Alko's non-alcoholic selection. That's why it needed an interesting display - a non-alcoholic kiosk.

ROLE: Art Director & Designer
TEAM: Markus Nieminen, Lasse Kangasmaa, Carl-Erik Mosander, Ella Komulainen, Minna Berg, Satu Heikkonen, Otto Kilpiö, Nelli Pätäri, Eliel Koivu, Essi Tirronen

To celebrate their 90 year anniversary, Alko launched their first alcohol-free Alko, a summer tour in form of a kiosk. During summer 2022 Alko’s kiosk toured eight cities in Finland from Oulu to Helsinki. The kiosk required a new approach and an exceptionally large work group across the company’s silos in order to create an implementation that served as well as their store would. For each city, the kiosk had a special menu of ten beverages selected by Alko’s specialists and staff from the local stores. The menus consisted of beers and ciders as well as lesser-known non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines.