Lara Ala-Olla

Branding of Artmerkut

This case was part of my Bachelor thesis at Lahti Institute of Design. The thesis examines branding from a rural point of view. It concentrates on the design perspective of building a brand, creating a visual identity, but also scratches the surface of creating a brand strategy and brand communication plan.

CLIENT: Merja Ala-Olla / Artmerkut
SCHOOL: Lahti Institute of Design

Artmerkut is a Atelier-Gallery by artist Merja Ala-Olla, located in western Finland. It offers tailored art courses, private art lessons and a possibility to visit the atelier and gallery.

The main goals for the project was to build a fresh brand which reflects its values and purpose.

In the atelier you can get acquainted with various art techniques. Artmerkut is not about teaching art, but ways to find inner creativity and harness it by knowing and trying out different art techniques and styles and understanding that creativity is, in fact, limitless.

The purpose and values of Artmerkut have strong connections to modern-day trends towards enjoying the little things and immaterialism. Artmerkut emphasizes sense-opening experiences, nature and creating together. It wants to offer visitors an easily accessible place to calm down and enjoy the nature and learn more about art. 

You can read the finished thesis in Theseus.