nocturne typeface

About nocturne

Sans serifs with visible contrast (also known as modulated, thick-thin, or stressed) were quite popular in the 1920s–50s. They were commonly used in advertising, architectural lettering and logotypes.

nocturne pays tribute to the contrasted typedesign tradition, but avoids direct references to any particular design. Its thicks and thins generally reference the broad nib pen and traditional calligraphy, but not always in expected ways. The strokes sometimes reference more geometry rather than traditional calligraphy.

nocturne has tall ascenders and descenders and is slightly angled to make it more readable. The vertical and horizontal angles are present throughout the font. The x-height of the font is not particularly high. It is a mix of the smooth and the sharp, a strong contrast between thicks and thins. It is a lowercase sans-serif typeface best used for headlines, titles and display.

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